Employment to LLC 'Akvaplast'

Employment to LLC 'Akvaplast'

Stuff is our major asset, so we carefully approach the selection of issues, development, training and motivation. We value our people and strive to motivate them morally and financially.

Especially valuable for us people, who can not imagine their life without their favourite occupation and enjoy their work. The main indicator of applicant’s qualification to us are their skills and those works in which he specializes.

The selection of employees is made in three stages. The first stage is the selection of candidates by the resume.

The completed CV should be sent to the email address: info@akvaplast-construction.com Download resume template.

The second step involves the selection on a personal meeting and interview. At the third stage, the skills test, which were described in the summary and in person at the interview.

Personnel screening of welders on the third stage provides in our own training center and include welding of several pieces or creating a certain number of welds. Assemblers installers usually carried out on probation after a preliminary test of theoretical knowledge. Practical skills of assemblers can be verified directly at the production site in the performance of a real project.

We are pleased to invite you at work as a welder or assembler with experience and without experience. For graduates of technical schools and colleges we hold special workshops for developing skills. Practical exercises are carried out under the supervision of instructors with years of experience and certified welding experts.