Welder qualification test

Welder qualification test

LLC "Akvaplast" officially authorized to carry out certification of welders and issue the appropriate authorizing document. It is important that certification of welders produces in accordance with only NPAOP 0.00-1.16-96 "Certification Guidelines for Welders".';

This means that passing certification exam for welders provides with presence of attestation commission and performs a series of practical exercises using standard samples and specific welding methods.

Based on the existing experience of attestation commission members is worth noting that successfully pass the certification of the order from 5 to 10% of welders. Such a low rate indicates a large number of welders with insufficient qualifications, which in turn is caused by a lack of skills or knowledge gaps in the theoretical part.

The philosophy of our company is built not to certify as many welders as soon as possible, our certification сenter estimates only knowledge and practical skills of welders to really ensure the quality of welded joints and the ability to properly configure the welding equipment, select the operating modes and perform work on perfect level.

We are pleased to propose a challenge for all welders who feel the strength and energy to impartial attestation by any of the methods in our certification welding center.