Bottoming, concrete foundation and grounting

Bottoming, concrete foundation and grounting

Success of any construction project depends on the quality of performed work, which is affected by many different factors. One of the most important areas of responsibility is bottoming and foundation.

LLC "AKVAPLAST" works not only on installation of pipelines, metal structures, installation of ventilations, cabling, maintenance of production equipment and other construction works, but also provides services of bottoming and foundation, channelization and installation of buttress piers, grouting of equipment and anticorrosion protection.

The importance of foundation works predetermines by its key function of load accommodation and transferring from all building construction, proper approach for preparation of sub-base ensures supreme contact of foundation base with base surface and ensure project efficiency of subgrade soil.

Another important direction of our activity is grouting of equipment - an interesting and laborious process that requires cleaning, alignment, fixing of equipment and humidification of grouted concrete. Mandatory event list was designed to avoid the appearance of strains and chops from temperature action and external forces.

To ensure the longevity of operation of metal constructions, containers, pipes, tanks, etc. LLC "AKVAPLAST" pays special attention to anticorrosion protection against the weather and various aggressive environments and uses modern methods of anticorrosion protection.