Installation and maintenance of equipment

Installation and maintenance of equipment

Reliability, quality of installation and just-in-time maintenance of technological equipment at industrial enterprises prompts an increase of production processes efficiency and reducing cost of production.

For over 12 years LLC "Akvaplast" deals with production equipment, which is almost unique. We often deal with equipment installation in confined spaces and constantly find solutions of complex and at the same time interesting tasks.

Our experts have experience in installation and maintenance of conveyors, crushers, screens, pumps, steel overpasses, etc.

The approach to each case is exclusively complex: we produce technical assessment the actual state of technological equipment, provide expert advices of equipment with a survey of a proposal about modernization, technical re-equipment, reconstruction or replacement of equipment

Our experts often give recommendations, based on a rigorous evaluation technical condition of technological equipment. For example, our specialists made dismantling, repair, installation and pre-commissioning activities of wagon dumper VRS 75C2 at SE "VostGOK" ahead of schedule on 15 days.

This result was achieved as a result of preliminary assessment of components state and assemblies, as well as carefully managed process of production works. We pay special attention to pre-commission activities of technological equipment at industrial enterprises and proper operation of equipment.

Life cycle of any equipment depends not only on the quality of its production, but also on compliance with maintenance regulations, proper setup, installation and operation in harsh operating conditions at metallurgical, mining, cement, shipbuilding and other enterprises.