Dismantling of buildings, pipelines, equipment

Dismantling of buildings, pipelines, equipment

Every year an increasing number of industrial and residential premises, in which the service life has expired. Moreover, the constant modernization of equipment at industrial enterprises and usage of modern technologies closes, for example, open-hearth shops.

This implies the need for dismantling of buildings and structures. Last but not least there is an increased demand for the metal scrap, which is more popular from year to year. There is increasingly gaining issues relating to the dismantling of steel structures, water towers, reservoirs and tanks. All these facilities our company dismantled within the prescribed period in a safe way.

A separate niche of building dismantling buildings and structures of industrial enterprises, which are often carried out in confined conditions and close to new constructions or located near existing production facilities.

Our company uses a variety of equipment for dismantling of industrial facilities and performs the dismantling of carefully and thoughtfully, which often makes it possible to keep certain parts and structural elements as a product, not turn them into scrap metal.

We produce a full and partial dismantling of emergency, industrial, residential buildings and constructions of any complexity in time.