Pipe installation

Pipe installation

The most important structural elements for life-support of any industrial enterprise are technological pipelines. Their installation is carried out strictly according to building codes.

Construction rules and regulations regulate the production and acceptance process of installation work on the industrial pipelines made from such materials: non-ferrous metals, carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel, etc.

Installation of technological pipelines, usually takes about half of the total installation volume and characterized by restriction of free space, a considerable height and different orientation in space.

Furthermore, there are certain features of pipelines installation, for example, inside industrial plants, which have a significant number of conversions, caps, flanges, elbows, tees of valves.

Sometimes the amount of piping parts can reach above 40% of the total weight of pipes, because it is caused by a complex spatial arrangement of such pipes and entails a plurality of welded joints, the number of which can be up to 8 joints on 10 m of pipeline. There are also methods of SKD pipelines from prefabricated elements, which significantly reduces installation time at the construction site approximately 3 times.

Before start the installation of pipeline, our employees carry out a detailed introduction to the project and clarify all the questions, check the conform of all parts and piping components to the project requirements, carry out inspection of places for pipe plasteners, determine methods of delivery, availability of tools and assembly mechanisms, area development, etc.