Production and fabrication of steel constructions

Production and fabrication of steel constructions

Installation of steel pillars is carried out only after checking in advance axes foundations. Particular attention should be paid to the location of the milled surface of the boards, which are located on the base, and are used to set the pillars without reconciliation.

In case when the actual deviation exceeds the limit, it is necessary to correct the foundation. Typically, the installation of pillars made of steel produced entirely, and on rare occasions - from several bulky items.

Installation of the pillars to the desired position is carried out by performing a series of consecutive actions to seize slings or grippers, rise to the desired height, aiming, alignment and fixing in position.

Pillar mounting quality depends on the method of supporting string shoes on the foundations. Bearing shoes can be made without grouting, on grouted plates or pre-attached support members, such as beams.

Beams installation has beams a similar character as pillars. Rising of small and lightweighted beams makes by carrying beams together in "cage". It gives an opportunity to work faster beams installation process and use crane more efficiency. Then heavy beams are installed in production shops, installation makes from several elements, which has weight as crane lifting capacity. Special attention should be paid to the reconciliation of the crane girders and floor beams, which are carried out exclusively with the use of specialized tools.

The basic elements used for fastening the beams are bolts, welds and rivets.

Farms usually installs on pillars after the final installation of columns. During installation farms there is a necessity to be especially careful at the farm grabbing. Proper farms grabbing, in two or more places, the use of the traverse avoids deformation during assembling.