Installation of industrial aspiration, ventilation and conditioning systems

Системи аспірації, вентиляції та кондиціонування

Ventilation systems of industrial enterprises, without exaggeration, are devices that provide security, health of people and environmental sustainability. Timely removal, for example, smoke and gases in welding operations prevents welder lungs from extremely toxic and harmful substances such as lead, zinc, chromium, nickel, etc.

Proper ventilation and air-conditioning systems ensures a comfortable environment of any room, from a mall, ending with a large production shop. Favorable working conditions directly affect the safety of employees during the performance of work, because the timely removal of dirty air from the room prevents the presence of dust and small toxic particles.

Installation of ventilation systems based on parameters such as floor area, quantity of people, characteristics of operated equipment, climatic features of the terrain. Based on these installation characteristics of ventilation can be carried out all over the place or dotted, for example, in places where dust and dirt emissions or near working place of employee, which carries out the operations involving hazardous substances.

Modern ventilation systems are able to purify the air, remove the moisture or humidify the air, keep warm, and the air conditioning system can uniform distribute air flows throughout the room, thereby creating a uniform temperature over the entire area of the premises, except for drafts.

The assets of "Akvaplast" company are works on installation aspiration systems, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern metallurgical industry, which feels the need for maximum air cleaning in areas of significant emission of harmful substances. Aspiration systems provide explosive safety, fire safety, prevent the emission of harmful substances.