Welding and surfacing works

Welding and surfacing works

Today it is difficult to imagine at least one branch of industry and mechanical engineering, which does not use welding. Construction and repair of ships, installation of pipelines, steel construction, installation and repair of technological equipment of industrial enterprises, construction vehicles is closely linked with implementation of various types of welding.

The "Akvaplast" company also specializes in providing a wide range of welding applications, ranging from manual, semi-automatic, automatic arc welding (surfacing) submerged, gas-shielded, flux-cored wire, finishing with a technical audit of the company and identify promising areas for welding training and certification of welders.

In addition, we do not limit ourselves solely on welding steel, our welders are qualified and certified for welding cast iron, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. All welding operations are carried out under the supervision of certified managers with welding of operational quality control engineer seams.

Qualification of welders is maintained at a consistently high level, due to the development of skills and training in their own training center, where exists samples are of different shapes. This makes possible to fulfill the execution of various types of welded joints in different ways and location in space.

A significant role in welding plays proper preparation of joints, so our welders hone their skills in this process.